ABKO LED Monitor Lamp e-Reading Light USB Powered Task Laptop Screenbar No Glare Home Office Adjustable Brightness Color Temperature Touch Control Space Saving ML02

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[Brand Story]
Be Your Life, ABKO
Founded in 2001, the South Korean brand ABKO has established itself as the biggest gaming gear brand in the country. It has gained its’ reputation for PC components and peripherals such as PC cases, headsets, keyboards, mouse, CPU coolers and power supply units. Through the experience of developing many of its’ popular gaming gears, now ABKO is expanding its’ product line into home appliances to provide affordable and high-quality everyday products worldwide.

Let us be part of your life through our products.

[What’s in the box]
1 X Main Body
1 X USB Cable
1 X User Manual

[Product Specification]
Voltage: DC 5V / 1A
Wattage: 4.0W
Touch Sensor: Capacitive Touch
Light Control: Stepless Light Control
Timer: 40 Min.
LED Life: About 30,000 Hours
Auto Brightness Control: Auto Brightness Control Sensor
Color Temperature: Natural light (5,000K), White light (4,000K), Warm light (3,000K)
Brightness: Approx. ≥350 lux (Estimated Distance: 35 cm)
CRI: CRI 80+
Size / Weight: 280 X 93 X 23 / 130g

Read Before Order
– Using the lamp on the curved monitor is not recommended as it can be unstable.
– Not recommended to go over the maximum holding width of 3.5cm
– The lamp might cover the True Tone sensor on Macbooks. It can cover webcams on laptops.
– The space between the bed and a wall needs to be at least 10cm apart.

– Please use this product indoors.
– Please note malfunctioning can occur if you use near.
– strong electromagnetic wave.
– Product can be distorted or broken if you pull the fixed shaft too strong.
– This product has a sensor for auto-brightness. Please do not block the sensor.
– We recommend using less than 4000K color temperature for protecting eyes if you use it in the darkness.

FOR YOUR EYES’ COMFORT – This lamp is designed to install on the top of the monitor to provide enough light for your keyboard and desk and illuminates the surrounding without shining directly into your eyes. Also, there is no light reflection from the screen and no flickering like a normal desk lamp. So, it reduces eye strain, protects your eye, and provides comfort during the desk work.
HELPS TO DO DESK JOB EFFECTIVELY – Shadow casting on the desk is minimized as the LED light is mirror reflective type. It provides enough light of 350 LUX (Measure distance: 35cm) without any flickering and reflection providing a perfect desk environment for work and study.
CREATE YOUR OWN MOOD – 3 kinds of color temperatures are provided – Natural light (5,000K), White light (4,000K), Warm light (3,000K). Adjust the color temperature according to your mood and task. The warm light makes you relax and white light helps you to focus on your task. You can change the color temperature by touching the control button on top of the panel. It is also adjustable the brightness. Just touch and hold the power button to brightness control.
SAVE DESK SPACE – As it is installed on top of a monitor, it does not take up any space thus allowing you to use your desk more spaciously. The built-in ambient light sensor dims the light automatically depending on the surrounding light conditions.
EASY TO USE & INSTALL – Clip type design allows you to install the lamp without any screws. A USB outlet is all you need to power the lamp. You can plug it into a computer, phone charger, laptop, or a portable power bank. Also with capacitive touch buttons, you do not need to put much force when pressing the buttons preventing accidental drop. 40 minutes timer function is very handy as it can be used in various situations.
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