9Pc Kitchen Utensils Set, Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils with Wooden Handles, Your Good Assistant in Kitchen

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It’s very embarrassing that you can’t find any handy kitchen tool when you are going to cook delicious meals.
A handy tool makes a handyman.
Come on dear! Just take it, then cook what you want to cook.

The kitchen set of 9 pieces kitchenware are kitchen essentials, used in preparing food, basically meet your cooking needs, and make quick and easy work of all your concoction tasks.
For beating eggs or stirring condiments,like sauce,whipping cream
Can Opener:
For openning can in metal cans,like canned beef,canned spam,canned mushroom
Garlic Press:
For shredding mixed ingredients like garlic,ginger,cayenne pepper
For peeling the skin of vegetables,melons and fruits,like potato,towel gourd,apple
Cheese Grater:
For grating cheese or vegetables,like melons,carrot,potato
Pizza Cutter:
For cutting pizza or pie into slices
Cheese Knife:
For cutting the soft food with hard skin,like cheeses or cakes
Ice Cream Scoop:
For scooping the ice cream or mashed food like mashed potatoes
Bottle Opener:
For opening bottle cap of beer,soda,sauce and other glass bottle
[Specification and Package]
1. 1 x Whisk 10.6″Lx2.4″W
2. 1 x Can Opener 7.9″Lx2″W
3. 1 x Garlic Press 7.1″Lx2″W
4. 1 x Peeler 6.5″Lx2.4″W
5. 1 x Cheese Grater 8.7″Lx2.4″W
6. 1 x Pizza Cutter 7.5″Lx2.8″W —wheel: 2.6″diam
7. 1 x Cheese Knife 9.4″Lx1″W
8. 1 x Ice Cream Scoop 7.3″Lx1.6″W
9. 1 x Bottle Opener 7.1″Lx1.8″W
Arrives neatly packaged in a color box.
[Caring Service]
If you have any questions about our products and services or how to exchange/return the goods, please contact us by email [[email protected]], our professional after-sales service team will quickly provide you with quality solutions.
NEOCLASSICAL STYLE – The kitchen gadgets with stainless steel hardwares and wooden handles are perfect combinations of retro and trend,they enhance the feeling of natural,simple, flexible Run,subtle,elegant and Warmth,that will make you enjoy your cooking with the nostalgic romance feelings and a good mood.
TACTILE AND TOUGH – The 9pcs kitchen tools are timeless,tactile and tough, which have cozy,good grip, non-slip wooden handles and Solid,durable,sharp food grade 304 Stainless steel hardwares. On the other hand,the cooking tools are always as new as ever for the characteristics of non-oxidation and colorfast.
USEFUL AND EASY – The set includes Whisk,Can Opener,Garlic Press,Peeler,Cheese Grater,Pizza Cutter,Cheese Knife,Ice Cream Scoop,and Bottle Opener. All of these tools are usual and must-have kitchen stuff,which are more useful for the preparation of cooking ingredients and are easier to use, good grip feeling and comfortable user experience for you as well.
CLEAN AND TIDY – The kitchen utensils are easy to clean and organize, they can be safely washed in the dishwasher, or hand wash with warm soapy water. There is a hanging loop at the end of the utensil which can be hung to the stand very conveniently. The clean and tidy kithchen utensils set will make your kithchen full of peaceful and rich connotation.
GIFT IDEAS – We design novel cooking utensils set with neoclassical style that make classic gifts for yourself, your parents, relatives, friends or workmates. This set is a good choice for their aesthetic appeal as well as their durability and quality. Arrives neatly packaged in a color box.
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