90 PCS Weight Loss Sticker, Quick Slimming Tightening Sticker for Beer Belly, Buckets Waist, Waist Abdominal Fat

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Efficacy: Recovery of gastrointestinal detoxification, Reduce fat, Regulating endocrine, spleen, dehumidification, lipid-lowering, weight loss. Especially suitable for those who lack of exercises, weak and obese people.
Use body milk the navel area before applying the patch. With good adhesion, the sticker can be easily attached to the navel.
After sticking, you can use your finger to press the ointment part into the navel, so that the active ingredients can touch the navel.
Suggest using at night, 8-12 hours in general. Use the patch every day or every other day.
Women have more estrogen secretion at night, and it is also a period for fat synthesis and toxins formation.
Apply at night can effectively prevent and inhibit the synthesis of fat, accelerate the discharge of toxins in the body, and improve the situation of constipation.
30pcs for a course of treatment, and 90pcs as a consolidate treatment course.
1. For external use only.
2. Do not use for young children, women during pregnancy and menstruation.
3. Do not use the day you drink alcohol or eat seafood.
4. Do not use on damaged skin or suffer from skin allergies.
5. Do not use if irritation occurs.
6. Weight-loss stickers may appear mild diarrhea, black stools, etc.
When they are first used. It is a normal phenomenon of cleansing the intestines.There is no need to deal with them.Very serious ones be stopped use.
Suggestions from seller:
Please keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly while using the stickers for a better result. 30 days one of treatment.

【Easy to use】- The weight loss sticker helps you block and reduce the absorption of grease, burning excess fat.Suggest to use one piece/day, 8-10 hours/piece, 30 pieces/course and For better result, 2 courses of treatment is recommended, will give you even more surprises.
【Good for Health】- Weight Loss Stickers can help people with waist obesity and constipation, regulate endocrine, restore healthy and slim figure, more suitable for those who postpartum recovery, lack exercise, weak and obese people. It will be more obvious with the appropriate amount of exercise.
【Comfortable & Breathable】- High-quality non-woven material, make the weight loss stickers good breathability and adhesion, It will not give you a damp and sultry feeling after being applied to the body parts. The weight loss sticker patch has good adhesion and can be easily attached to the navel.
【Widly Use】- Can be patched on belly, abdomen, arms, hips, buttocks, thighs. Whenever you are walking, do sports, or do housework, you can enjoy the fat burning with this patches.
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