100% Blackout Thick Thermal Insulated Curtain, Sold as 1 Panel

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$42.00 $52.50 Buy It Now

100% BLACKOUT: The best power outage shades available. Sew in dark liner backing makes the curtains sufficiently thick to totally keep out the 100% SUNLIGHT and UV RAY. The best advantage is to offer you a genuine dim condition, presenting to you a decent night’s rest during the day.

Clamor REDUCING: Heavyweight Blackout Lined Curtain Panels can be a decent feeling of wrap, making the window totally shut, to accomplish SOUNDPROOF. The impact of engrossing sound is multiple times higher than the common 1-layer of shades so that whenever you are not upset by commotion.

Extraordinary DESIGN: Draperies built with 2 layers are largely triple weave power outage texture, adjusting room temperature by protecting against summer HEAT and winter CHILL in the interim ensure PRIVACY. No substance covering, no formaldehyde, ECO-accommodating, carry amicable to your family.

Simple CARE: Good quality completing will withstand long stretches of utilization. Machine launderable and Wash the water temperature underneath 86℉. Mellow cleanser no dying. Low-temperature pressing.



Product Name: 100% Blackout Thick Thermal Insulated Curtain, Sold as 1 Panel
Item NO.: 1585042
Fabric: Polyester
Color: Taupe, Grey, Blue, Red, Beige, Black, Brown, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Pink, White
Pattern: Solid

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